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April 22nd, 2019:

  • New story!  Kerjen's Final Orders on the FanFiction page
    Saavik must say goodbye to her captain of 20 years even as he demands to know how she could do this to him. Little does he know the real reason: to save him. Note: Truman Howes was a real Air Force officer who helped Susan Shwartz and Josepha Sherman with a lot of research. As a thank you, they named Saavik's captain after him which thrilled him. He emailed me once to say he loved what I was doing with the character and for keeping him alive (something like that). I couldn't believe it; what a sweet thing to do. Sadly, I found out he passed away, so I wrote this for his memory. Thank you for serving, sir.

March 04th, 2019:

  • New story!  Kerjen's Guardian on the FanFiction page
    Saavik, Sarek & family are called to an important event by the exiled Ruanek and his wife T'Selis. Note: Ruanek, T'Selis and the new character belong to Susan Shwartz and the late Josepha Sherman. I met Susan recently at a convention and learned so much about their characters and situations. This is one of them with my own universe as an overlay. Thank you, Susan, for everything!

February 28th, 2019:


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