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FEBRUARY 28, 2018:

  • Two new art pieces on the Fan Art page!
  • New story starts!  Kerry's Marry Me on the FanFiction page
    Spock and Saavik have been so careful in showing what they dream of with each other. Now it's time to open themselves and say, "Am I the one you chose?"
    My good friend Martha is very ill; I asked her what could I do for her and, surprisingly, she asked me to write this. So, for Martha.
  • Complete!  Kerry's Tomed on the FanFiction page
    The battle killed thousands. Spock's worried Saavik is one of them, but as they find each other, hate turns Starfleet's own against her. The only good: Saavik and Spock take the next step in their relationship and she meets her next captain.(This was a birthday present for my friend Martha.)
  • Complete!  Kerry's Do You Dream Of Me on the FanFiction page
    Saavik laid in her hospital bed, struck down by the disease created to kill off Hellguard's survivors. Spock watches her, wondering if he can heal the rift between them. A missing moment from my "Race of Cain"; you don't need to read that to read this. Notes: Note: my good friend Martha was in the hospital and I wrote this for her as a little pick-me-up including audio. Time Period: between Chapters 3 and 4 of The Race of Cain. You don't need to read that story to read this.


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