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APRIL 11TH, 2018:

  • New story starts!  Kerry's Marry Me on the FanFiction page
    Spock and Saavik have been so careful in showing what they dream of with each other. Now it's time to open themselves and say, "Am I the one you chose?" Updated with Chapter 3: The Proposal!
    My good friend Martha is very ill; I asked her what could I do for her and, surprisingly, she asked me to write this. So, for Martha.
  • Complete!  Kerry's How to Play: a new short story!
    Teaching Saavik and Spock's three children how to play simple games makes memories of Hellguard rise up in Saavik. But as she puts her faith in the children's godparents - McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura as well as Hunter, Nachson and Ruanek - when they make two mistakes: start a drinking game for the adults and suggesting they can do better at Hide and Seek than Saavik.


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