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Last updated:  06.04.19
Would you like to submit your story to our site or you have found a great story you'd like to share? Thank you! We'd love to see it! See the FAQ for our guidelines. Basically, this is Saavik and Spock/Saavik, so that's what gets posted here.

Spock and Saavik (S/Saa) Fanfiction

Last Updated: 06.14.19

Would you like to submit your story to our site? Thank you! We'd love to see it! Here are the guidelines for posting a fic on the site: Click here for the Spock and FAQ. It will give you all the details. The most important thing is, the material cannot violate the rules: it has to be Saavik and if it has any pairings, it must be Spock/Saavik based. While childhood, friendship and other non-romantic fanfiction is happily accepted, this site is not meant for pairing either Saavik or Spock with someone else. The same if it's another Spock and Saavik relationship that violates the S/Saa pairing (like if you go against canon set by Gene Roddenberry and Paramount by having Saavik as Spock's daughter in some fashion). Just like all fan fic/art sites around the web, please respect our guidelines. We certainly respect theirs. And thank you for considering us as a place to post your work!

Souls On The Wind a round robin
Saavik's reluctance to celebrate the Katra fi' Salan, the holiday for remembering lost katras, is soothed by Spock's acceptance.
Aconitum-Napellus's Moments at Gol: Saavik
Saavik meets with Spock after his fal-tor-pan. Will he remember her? Will he know about his pon farr on Genesis?
Anne E. Batterby's Nether Worlds
Saavik's thoughts on Hellguard and Khan after Spock's death.
Arachnethe2's The Space in Our Blood
And still he can't leave the Earth.
Beatrice's If Time Had Wings
Saga crossing the generations - Spock and Saavik. What transpired after the events on the Genisis planet. Alien battles, new confrontations and a young fresh out of the academy Jean Luc Picard. Contains angst romance and horror. Rating: PG. At the bottom of the story is a review form; please take a minute and let the writer know if you liked the story.
Carol Smith's Second Chances
The hardest thought facing a couple: one must die first leaving the other alone.
Caz's Time Tapestry
How history might write the union of Saavik and Spock.
Chanter's Logical Deductions
Written from Saavik's POV. Oh the subtleties of betrayal...
CheetahLiv's Saavikam
McCoy mindmelds with Saavik while he is carrying Spock's katra, and discovers how Saavik helped him through pon farr. Set during movie 3, while the crew is en route to Vulcan.
CheetahLiv's Truly A Second Home
Five times Saavik was on the Enterprise and the one time she wasn't. No pairing. Takes place throughout the movie timeline, between the end of TOS and before Generations. Oneshot.
Delen2000's The Dance
What happens when Saavik and Spock appear at a dance together? Set somewhere between Star Trek IV and Star Trek VI. Inspired by Kerry's "The Race of Cain"
ElliotJA's Spock & Saavik: Night on Genesis, Dawn on Vulcan
Some short haikus about the events between Spock and Saavik on the Genesis Planet, and on Vulcan in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.
Empress Leia's The Constant
An AU story: With his words at the end of 'Space Seed,' Spock seals the fate of all he knows . . . and loves.
Empress Leia's Hidden Treasure
Spock gives Saavik a necklace for their anniversary. Saavik inquires how the necklace came into his possession, and he gladly tells her. Answer to a challenge on the Spock & Saavik group.
Empress Leia's The Die is Cast
Saavik must deal with a pregnancy that Sarek insists be kept hidden from Spock after Genesis. This decision will not affect only the family. . .(AU)
Eowyn's A Casual Encounter
During a low point in the Dominion War, Saavik looks for solace amongst her crew, and finds instead a Romulan commander she's been avoiding.
This story uses characters and situations from Kerry’s Negotiations and Marla's Starcrossed.
Eowyn's Befriending the Enemy
An AU follow up to Kerry’s The Meeting. Ragnhilh finds the truth about her ‘fellow Romulan’ cellmate.
Eowyn's The Forgotten
A sequel to "Befriending the Enemy" which is an AU to Kerry’s The Meeting. Saavik is asked to help the one person she truly hates. The mission will cross quadrants and take her, and everyone with her, to the shadows of Cardassia, the Romulan Empire, and Earth. (Author's disclaimer: Thuray belongs to Marla; Ajeya and Ragnilh belong to Kerry.)
Eowyn's Befriending the Enemy
An AU follow up to Kerry’s The Meeting. Ragnhilh finds the truth about her ‘fellow Romulan’ cellmate.
Eowyn's No Sleeps
Nightmares are keeping Saavik awake.
Eowyn's Whispers in the Wind
Saavik thoughts to an absent Spock while she struggles against death on Vulcan at the end of Vulcan's Heart.
Farfella's Potential
Poem: Is halfbreed, orphaned Saavik good enough to attend the Academy?
Firestar's Family Tree
Saavik gets a homework assignment she cannot complete.
Firestar's IDIC Solutions Trilogy
When Saavik graduates from the Academy, it brings introspection to Sarek, Amanda, Spock, and herself.
A Father's Pride and Joy
A Mother's Understanding
A Son's Confusion
Firestar's Quest II
Saavik's savage let's loose its grief.
Gina L. Dartt's To Saavik From Her Romulan Parent
A letter from Saavik's unknown Romulan parent
Originally published in Hellguard Social Register 4
Heather's The Adventures of the Hoot 'n' Holler!
A humorous look at some of the members of the Saavik Sounding Board on a big Star Trek adventure! Their mission: get to meet Spock and Saavik!
Heidi's The Academy Years
Saavik meets another cadet.
Helen Seargent's Chess
Kirk needs help with his grief over Spock's death.
originally published in Katra II
Halwen's Two Worlds
Saavik is lost and confused, unable to reconcile the two halves of her parentage.
Jenny's C is for Chess
Saavik and Spock's marriage through McCoy's eyes.
Jenny's Caretakers
When Saavik returns to her stars, she leaves an important task behind.
Jenny's Doctor Visit
Saavik's first visit to a doctor And Kerry's Follow up A sequel to "Doctor Visit" -- like the title says, a follow up to that first exam.
Jenny's Ever Sharp
Missing scene from The Pandora Principle and an explanation for a young Saavik's most treasured possession. An AU type story to the scene in The Pandora Principle.
Rating: PG-13
Jenny's Letters series
  Bridging the Gap
  Duty vs Desire
  Counter Gambit
  Face to Face
Spock's contacting Saavik about Genesis sparks their communicating about so much more.
Jenny's Reunion
Spock and Saavik meet after a seperation by duty to 'discuss' something of critical importance to their lives.
NOTE - Rating: PG-13
Jenny's We Meet Again
Response to this Challenge: Spock and Saavik meet after the events of STVI. Saavik knows the events that happened on the bridge, and knows that essentially what Spock did to Valeris was mind rape. How does she confront him on this? Does he defend himself?
Joanna's A Bedtime Story for Kimberly
Kimberly can't go to sleep.
Joanna's A is for Attitude
Saavik is injured. Will her inexperienced First Officer be up to the test?
Joanna's Forgotten
Song lyrics for Saavik's thoughts as she watches Spock leave in ST:IV
Joanna's Downtime
Surely not all missions are that exciting, but they all have their merit.
Joanna's MindMine
A challenge piece. Why is Spock in a healing trance? What is wrong with him? Will Saavik and Ruanek discover the cause in time?
Joanna's Not Wholly Our Own
When Spock and Saavik's child is taken in the Romulan custom of rrh-thanai, they try to rescue her.
Joanna's Repatriation
Response to this Challenge: Saavik and Spock meet for the first time after their goodbye in ST 4. He still does NOT remember her clearly. Why and how do they handle it to start a friendship again? Does he regain his memories or do they start over? Set it before or after ST 6.
Joanna's The Note
Spock seeks to understand an obvious failure in his father's judgement. (A Valentine's Day story)
Joanna's Peek-a-boo
When Spock and Saavik have a child who babysits? Perrin, of course. Hurray for Grandmas!
Joanna's Privilege and Pain
A poem of Spock's thoughts for he and Saavik
Joanna's Savage
Saavik searches for her missing landing party only to have the planet's foliage turn on her.
Commander Stuart and Lieutenant Lauren Warfield are characters from Kerry's "The Race of Cain", "Mourning", and "Truth or Dare". The character of Dannan Stuart and her assignment to the Aefran was originally featured in the novelization of Star Trek: The Search for Spock by Vonda McIntyre.
Joanna's Shared Grief
For James Doohan
Joanna's Small Destiny
Who is Saavik really? What is Ruanek's relation to her? What happens when Spock and Saavik have a child?
Joanna's Stars
How did Saavik first meet T'Pren?
Joanna's Stoopid Boys!
Saavik's first foster family
Joanna's Unification
A poem of Spock and Saavik's melded thoughts on the reunification of the Vulcanir and Rihannsu and the separation it causes them
Joanna's Wisest One
Star Trek-Stargate Crossover: The fate of the Trill is jeopardized by the actions of Saavik and Ezri. An AU Stargate since they make Trek jokes all the time, but I ignored that.
Joanna's Upturned Beds
In response to questions about the upturned bed at the end of Vulcan's Heart
Keiranfletcher's Refractions of Dawn
The Dominion has occupied Betazed and is building up for a major new offensive. Commodore Saavik and the innovative crew of the USS Forge are called in to stop the invasion before it starts- but the Dominion has a nasty surprise planned.
Kenneth Glenn Simmons' The Guildsmen
A TNG story where Captain Picard is given a mission along the Romulan Neutral Zone. As he tries to prevent war, he meets an intriguing Romulan Centurion, and things become more complicated when the enemy has in its crew none other than Saavik and Spock themselves!
Kerry's Are You With Me?
Spock is in a standoff with billions of lives are at stake. Even Kirk and McCoy wonder if he's right. So he sends for someone else he hopes will see as he does: Saavik.
Kerry's Assignment
Commander Ajeya is called in front of Commander Charvanek. Everything is fine until Ajeya sees Saavik in the Empire using the name Evaste. Now Charvanek wonders what Ajeya is hiding and she must make sure she doesn't let the truth out: she's Saavik's mother. (Takes place soon after the book, Vulcan's Heart.)
Kerry's A Time Of Peace
McCoy asks Spock and Saavik to celebrate Christmas with him, especially so he may show one year old Setik the holiday. But for Spock and Saavik, it also means a rest from recent tragedies.
Rating: PG-13
   Kerry's Answer the Question
The day started with running into a bad, former captain, but Saavik faces the moment she knew would come: the Romulans have found out she is alive. Fortunately, she is at an event where they are limited in what they can do, but they are determined to know something about their escaped property. Kirk, McCoy, Spock, Amanda, Sarek, and Valeris also appear.
Baby Sister
Sulu calls his daughter: Saavik and Spock have offered him a great honor to join their family in a significant way. But he won't do it if Demora doesn't agree. Not only does she agree, she tells him she's getting something she's always wanted. She also makes a fool out of herself in front of Spock and Saavik, but these things happen.
The Family Photo... and The Other One
Uhura asks Saavik and Spock to pose for a family photo with their growing children. She gets a second one that touches her heart.

Kerry's The Chase
Saavik gets caught in an all too familiar race for life.
Kerry's Tomed
The battle killed thousands. Spock's worried Saavik is one of them, but as they find each other, hate turns Starfleet's own against her. The only good: Saavik and Spock take the next step in their relationship and she meets her next captain.(This was a birthday present for my friend Martha.)
Kerry's Marry Me
Spock and Saavik have been so careful in showing what they dream of with each other. Now it's time to open themselves and say, "Am I the one you chose?" Updated with Chapter 3: The Proposal!
My good friend Martha is very ill; I asked her what could I do for her and, surprisingly, she asked me to write this. So, for Martha.
Kerry's Contact
A little bit of nonsense showing when diplomacy isn't going well...
Kerry's Duty
Saavik is injured while defending one of the Federation's treasures, and is stunned by her rescuer.
Note: This story refers to events in a story I had planned titled, "Journey Back to Babel" currently being written. See below.
Kerry's Facade
As a Romulan diplomatic party discusses the glory days when Sarek commanded the Council floor, someone enters who sees something no one else can. A new future takes its first step.
NEW!   Kerry's Final Orders
Saavik must say goodbye to her captain of 20 years even as he demands to know how she could do this to him. Little does he know the real reason: to save him. Note: Truman Howes was a real Air Force officer who helped Susan Shwartz and Josepha Sherman with a lot of research. As a thank you, they named Saavik's captain after him which thrilled him. He emailed me once to say he loved what I was doing with the character and for keeping him alive (something like that). I couldn't believe it; what a sweet thing to do. Sadly, I found out he passed away, so I wrote this for his memory. Thank you for serving, sir.
Kerry's Final Thoughts of Saavik's Father
Saavik's Vulcan father struggles on Hellguard to deal with what has happened to him, how he will never see home or his wife again, and the one thing the Romulans can't take from him.
Kerry's Goodbye, Amanda
Amanda dies and Saavik seeks a fitting way to say goodbye to her.
NEW!   Kerry's Guardian
Saavik, Sarek & family are called to an important event by the exiled Ruanek and his wife T'Selis. Note: Ruanek, T'Selis and the new character belong to Susan Shwartz and the late Josepha Sherman. I met Susan recently at a convention and learned so much about their characters and situations. This is one of them with my own universe as an overlay. Thank you, Susan, for everything!
Kerry's Ko-mekh-rá
A character piece about Saavik's eldest daughter, T'Kel, and her "godmother", Rrelthiz (Ann Crispin's character from "Enterprise Logs" -- here's hoping she never sees this thing!)
Kerry's Journey Back to Babel
Currently up to chapter 25! Set the day after Journey to Babel, Saavik's ship, carrying Spock and other diplomats, is thrown into a time warp, set by a saboteur. They find themselves side by side with Kirk's Enterprise on its way to the Coridan vote. As they battle against the enemy, their children become weapons, Kirk and Saavik's ships are used against them, and Sarek is forced to choose: billions of lives or his family.
I know JJ Abrams says no time travel is possible; you would create a parallel universe instead. However, many temporal physicists argue that this theory is not true; time is not linear, but it interconnects as it swirls around itself. So I am using their theory instead, which a lot of shows and movies do. I just didn't want you to think I haven't done my research. :)
Kerry's The Meeting
One year after the TNG episode "Unification", two eventful meetings take place in Saavik and Spock's family as Setik learns that lightning strikes even Vulcan hearts.
Kerry's Memoirs
Saavik's and Spock's introspections, first when she is twelve and then later, after Genesis.
Kerry's Mirror Vulcan, Mirror Not
Set in the Mirror Universe, Saavik becomes a player in Spock's bid to overthrow the Empire.
Kerry's Mirror Fires
Rated PG-13. Sequel to Mirror Vulcan, Mirror Not - Spock's life is in danger, but many hold back Saavik from saving it.
Kerry's Mistake
Response to this Challenge: Spock, delirious with fever, says something that he wishes Saavik had not overheard...
Kerry's Momisms
Nobody in the TOS crew -- or their guests -- can escape them. Nobody! (Response to a Challenge)
Kerry's Mourning
Kirk has died on the Enterprise-B. On the night before his memorial service, the crew struggles with their deep well of grief and its affects on them. Told from the viewpoints of Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Saavik, and Sulu.
Kerry's Negotiations
Saavik discovers who her Romulan parent is, and Spock seeks to keep them apart.
Sequel to "Obliterate The Tracks"
Kerry's Obliterate The Tracks
Decades after leaving Hellguard, Saavik is hunted by one of its commanders.
Spanish translation: Borrar El Rastro
Kerry's The Portrait
An artist gets herself in trouble for violating Saavik and Spock's privacy.
Kerry's Praise
Spock's protégés... they're a long, proud line
The part where Uhura finds Saavik staring at Spock's body after the battle with Khan is taken from Marla's "Triads" (not available online). The character of Lt. Dawson also appears briefly in "Truth or Dare".
Kerry's The Race of Cain
Someone is killing off the Hellguard hybrids through a disease. As Saavik becomes its latest victim, Spock faces how she supposedly severed their relationship. (Completed!)

The Race of Cain is now available as a paperback fan novel that looks like a real Star Trek paperback book so it'll fit on your shelf with the professional novels. Re-written and edited for print! I've also made it available as a downloadable PDF for free and an ebook will be available soon. I make no money on any of them. Don't be thrown off the fake title and author names, not to mention the stripped down description. It's to avoid problems being fic.
The Race of Cain $11.02

You can also get the e-book for $1.

Kerry's Do You Dream Of Me
Saavik laid in her hospital bed, struck down by the disease created to kill off Hellguard's survivors. Spock watches her, wondering if he can heal the rift between them. A missing moment from my "Race of Cain"; you don't need to read that to read this. Notes: Note: my good friend Martha was in the hospital and I wrote this for her as a little pick-me-up including audio. Time Period: between Chapters 3 and 4 of The Race of Cain. You don't need to read that story to read this.
Kerry's How to Play
Teaching Saavik and Spock's three children how to play simple games makes memories of Hellguard rise up in Saavik. But as she puts her faith in the children's godparents - McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura as well as Hunter, Nachson and Ruanek - when they make two mistakes: start a drinking game for the adults and suggesting they can do better at Hide and Seek than Saavik.
Kerry's Reasonable Doubt
Saavik is accused of assault and battery against three independent traders. The twist is -- the Enterprise crew wants her to be guilty. Told from Sulu's POV. This was Kerry's contest entry for "Strange New Worlds V", it didn't get in. Sigh.
Kerry's Rescue Efforts
When Saavik helps evacuate a failing civilian ship, she learns a harsh lesson in doing what's right. Joanna did a fan art piece based on the hot bunking scene in this story: Saavik in her bunk
Kerry's Son of Spock, Son of Sarek
The Naming Day for Spock's and Saavik's firstborn is a day of joy and anxiety for McCoy.
Kerry's Supposed Expert
Response to this Challenge: Spock introduces Saavik to ice cream for the first time. Using the Sarek/Amanda Yahoo group idea that cinnamon is an aphrodisiac for Vulcans...and the ice cream is cinnomon flavored. Unfortunately, Saavik's Romulan half is allergic and she requires medical assistance. How does Spock explain how he chose the flavor of the ice cream...or does he?
Kerry's Term of Honor
Follows directly after "Vulcan's Heart" and focuses on one of the relationships Kerry enjoyed from the book. Former Centurion Hasmonak learns who the Lady Evaste really was and must decide if Saavik caused him dishonor.
Kerry's and Marla's The Challenge (Updated)
Charvanek finds out Saavik is on a nearby planet and cannot resist a face to face with her rival. This is a follow-up to the novel Vulcan's Heart. I originally wrote this with Marla. I changed a couple things so it fits our universes better; the original is below. Please see notes inside.
Kerry's and Marla's The Challenge
Charvanek finds out Saavik is on a nearby planet and cannot resist a face to face.
Kerry's and Marla's May I Ask Why?
An innocent question from Saavik's friend Rrelthiz leads to a lot of interesting comments from Spock, McCoy, Saavik, Ruanek, and T'Selis.
Note: Rrelthiz was created by AC Crispin in the Enterprise Logs story, Just A Little Training Cruise. Ruanek and T'Selis were created by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz in their Vulcan's novels.
Kerry's Trade
Commander Charvanek gets an alarm that someone is accessing records showing Saavik and Spock were in the Empire during the revolution against Praetor Dralath. So Charvanek goes face to face with a smuggler of all people: a man named Achernar. (Takes place shortly after the book, Vulcan's Heart.)
Kerry's Truth or Dare
Some games you don't play with Saavik.
NEW! Kerry's Understanding
They took her baby. They took her son. She won’t let them do that, even if she has to go through this Vulcan woman named Saavik.
Kerry's Wedding Vows
Spock's, Saavik's, and T'Lar's points of view of the wedding ceremony in "Vulcan's Heart".
Kerry's What Are Friends For?
Uhura begins to see past Saavik's walls on a world where Starfleet is not welcome.
Kerry's What Good Came From It
When Sarek attempts to bring together Saavik and the family of the woman who cared for her on Hellguard (character from the novel, Pandora Principle), they face the paradox of what good could have come from the pain of that terrible colony.
Kerry's One More Thing Before You Go
Amanda sits Saavik down for a talk before she ships out again. Amanda asks her what was it that Valeris betrayed her with, and how she sees what happened on Genesis and what it really means. And a little something called pon farr. Immediately follows "What Good Came From It", but it isn't necessary to have read it.
Kerry's Mending
Saavik can't reach Vulcan before Amanda dies; she can't even get there for the funeral. Even as Spock struggles with grief and Saavik chastises herself for not getting there earlier, they are hit with more pain. Valeris isn't done with them yet. But maybe a good thing happens: their commitment strengthens and Saavik finds Amanda has left more things for her as well as the video letter.
Chapter One happens after "Race of Cain", "What Good Came From It", and "One More Thing Before You Go". Chapter Two happens after "Goodbye, Amanda". You don't need to read those to read this.
Kerry's W is for Wife of the Ambassador
As Saavik knows, having an ambassador like Spock as a consort is a job as well as a relationship.
This story was inspired by Sarita's Part of My Heart art piece.
Kim's Family
A vignette of the moment Saavik and Spock first hold their newborn son.
Kim's Tickle your foot
Even a Vulcan might consider locking the bedroom door. Rated PG-13
LadyRavena's Nightime Wonders
A 'little' discussion
Larael's Wishing on Stars
Saavik reflects on her memories of her time with Spock on the Genesis planet.
Lianna's Reflections
While insisting Spock is called when Saavik falls ill, McCoy reflects on how duty does not always come first for the Vulcan.
Rating: G
Lt. Saavik's The Photon Torpedo
Saavik's first experience playing baseball at Starfleet Academy.
Maguena's Sole Solution
How did Saavik come to trust Spock, and why was she given over into Spock's care? Based on "The Pandora Principle" by Carolyn Clowes.
Marla's A Family Moment
Sarek arranges Spock's bonding, and Amanda (yes, Amanda! She's alive to see this!) is incensed!
Marla's A Plot
One plot leads to another when Saavik's request for Sarek's help unexpectedly puts him at risk.
Marla's B is for Bedside Manner
Saavik learns the lesson of "With friends like these..."
Marla's Blessed Event
A humorous look at Spock's reward for being an excellent ambassador.
Marla's Choice
Spock and Saavik must choose to risk their lives for the very slim hope of saving their daughter's.
Marla's Diplomacy
Saavik's daughter, T'Pren, is rescued by an unexpected source when her life is threatened during negotiations.
The character T'Pren was created by Kerry and used with her permission.
Marla's Divergence
Sequel to "Seeds": The first signs of Valeris' future betrayal show, but even she doesn't see them let alone Saavik.
Marla's Hope
Saavik gets more than she expected when she agrees to answer some of Valeris' questions.
Marla's House Wars
Sooner or later, their careers had to clash.
Marla's Introduction
Sequel to "A Family Moment": Saavik finds out ALL the details regarding Sarek's bonding for Spock!
Marla's L is for Loyalty
Saavik has to make a decision. Where does an officer's loyalty really lie.
Marla's Muddied Treasures
Teaching about other cultures can be difficult when the students are very young. Note: Rrelthiz, her people, and her culture were created by A.C. Crispin for her short story "Just A Little Training Cruise", appearing in the "Enterprise Logs" anthology. The reference to Falor's Journey comes from the VOY episode "Innocence".
Marla's N is for the Next Introduction
Perrin enters the family, and despite good intentions, the seeds of the family's future rift show themselves.
Marla's Operative Word
Saavik's good luck in meeting Romulans continues when she's caught by Narviat, the Romulan Praetor.
Marla's Quality Time
This so much fun, sweet and humorous, a tongue in cheek piece set after Spock and Saavik have been married for awhile. It's all dialogue and you'll have no trouble following it. It goes in order of Spock then Saavik then Spock then Saavik etc.
Marla's R is for Revelations
The answers to all those questions raised by Hellguard, all the questions she has been told not to ask, are locked behind one door....
Marla's Riding Herd
While on shore leave, McCoy tries to get his long time friend Spock to move beyond old roles and take a chance at last on love.
Marla and Kerry's Saavik's Will
The K'tk return from Marla's "House Wars" and "Starcrossed", and their new attack tests the limits of Saavik's and her family's strength.
Marla's Seeds
Valeris' first meeting with Saavik.
Marla's Starcrossed
Ever since the Dominion War, the Federation has faced one conflict after another. Now with Romulan peace failing and a new battle on the horizon, a weary, hurt Saavik is threatened again.
Marla's S is for Story Time
So many lessons are learned when Saavik tells her children a story. Such as how difficult it is to finish the story.
Note: This uses elements from Vulcan's Forge by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz
Marla's Stranger than Fiction
A bit of an AU to Kerry's Cain and other stories -- surprisingly, Saavik comes to the aid of someone spreading rumors about her in the crew, even though she must reveal something painful.
Marla's Suitable for Royalty
Saavik's invitation to attend a planet's dinner function as the Crowns' guest of honor goes horribly sour.
Marla's Survival By Any Means Necessary
Saavik must ensure a tribe's survival, but what they require...
Marla's Tag
When Saavik goes on a small war game situation, everything from her previous missions leads to a moment of mistrust at her being in the crew. Note: Dannan Stuart and the Aerfen were created by Vonda McIntrye.
Marla's Visitation
Some time after Valeris' arrest and incarceration for treason and murder, Saavik keeps an old promise and offers a lost friend a possible hope. (Character relation story told in dialogue only format, with alternating voices between Valeris and Saavik-beginning with Valeris.)
Marla's Visitor
Saavik's asked permission for Valeris to tour the ship; her captain and first officer discuss their suspicions. First part of three.Note: this story uses situations from Kerry's "The Race of Cain" where Valeris (unknown to anyone but Cartwright) has sent forged letters ending Spock and Saavik's association and Saavik's transfer to Enterprise. It also uses "Truth or Dare", but changes the time period to before ST6, not after, plus a planned sequel to that story called "Game" where Saavik's crew plays "Truth or Dare" with Archernar.
. Hunter, Stuart, and the Aerfen are Vonda McIntrye's; Archernar is Carolyn Clowes; everything is Paramount's. ;)
Marla's Writer's Block
Written for a friend going through a hard time, Spock and Saavik visit a benefactor to offer their support the only way they can.
Medie's Unto Us...
She sees the determination in Amanda's gaze and knows that she will permit no one to ruin this for any of them.
Michelle L. Carter's Infirmity
A story taking place during ST:IV that follows the cut lines regarding why Saavik stayed on Vulcan.
Originally published in the Clipper Trade Ship #55
Copyright 1987
Mindy's Bonded
Who said Vulcan women can't undergo Pon-Farr? Saavik begins going through it and only Spock can help. This story uses the universe as established by the DC Comics books. It's not necessary to read the issues (41, 45 - 48) this story refers to. The writer does a good job in supplying information from those plots. BUT if you would like to see the comics, you can read the relevant scenes here (property of DC Comics).
MK's Paradise Recovered: Spock's Requiem
S/Saa fic with TOS/TNG crossovers.
At the bottom of the story is a review form; please take a minute and let the writer know if you liked the story.
mzsnaz's Across the Board
It is ST4 (The Voyage Home) and, instead of remaining on Vulcan, Saavik went along and is now time warped back on 20th century Earth w/ the rest of the gang. Kirk realizes they will need a lot more money to accomplish their mission, so he sends Spock and Saavik into 20th century San Francisco and orders them to come back in 12 hours or less with as much money as possible.
If you came here trying to reach mzsnaz, click here to email her.
Mzsnaz's Last and Least
Saavik's thoughts after Amanda's memorial service
If you came here trying to reach mzsnaz, click here to email her.
Mzsnaz's The Problem with Humans
Saavik and Sarek struggle to come to terms with Amanda's death.
If you came here trying to reach mzsnaz, click here to email her.
Not-yo-mama's First Steps
Saavik is sent to the school planet Akadem to prepare her for real life. She gets more than a few doses of reality during her first year there, but the lessons do not go to waste. Remember, she does end up as a Star Fleet officer! (Now updated with Chapter 30!)
orianna-2000's Miracles and Sacrifices
Saavik contemplates the balance of things after Spock's death and ressurection.
orianna-2000's Queue
Saavik wakes to find herself in a very strange place. Has she died, or is it a dream? Special guest cameo, if you know whom to look for...
Roslyn Paterson's The Garden
A post-ST:IV story as Saavik hurts over Spock not remembering her.
Originally published in the fanzine Lore, Copyright 1989.
Saavant's Growth
McCoy and Kirk try to help Saavik live with Spock's death... and a physical condition that is making things difficult for her.
Saavant's Mark of Hellguard
Dralath's son challenges Saavik to a duel... on the internet.
Saavant's Genesis
The events leading up to the ceremony at the beginning of the novel "Vulcan's Heart." Rated PG-13
Saavant's Saavik Isn't Sleepy
A cartoon about Spock trying to get a very young Saavik to go to sleep.
Saavant's Severe Thunderstorm Warning
What in the universe inspired Spock, Saavik and the kids to travel there?
Saavant's Truth About Saavik
The author has too much time on her hands. (Humor)
Saavik13's Lessons in Knowing
Saavik knew more than her mentor thought she did about a great many things.
7.Saavikam's An Impossible Choice
Spock is torn between his love for Saavik and guilt and duty resulting from a capture on a planet he explored with McCoy's daughter. Do the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many or will he be free of his past and return to his home planet?.
7.Saavikam's Memory of Rain
Saavik is pulled back to Genesis in a vivid memory that begins to carry a sudden realization of the significance of life and death on that now-gone planet.
7.Saavikam's New Planet, Old Wounds
A beautiful poem of Spock and Saavik's pon farr on Genesis
7.Saavikam's Rain
A poem; Saavik's perspective, on Genesis with Spock. Fire or rain, happiness or innocence?
7.Saavikam's Something More
Going into Spock and Saavik's relationship, and when he first had consciousness. Spock is displaying some very uncharacteristic signs of being emotionally affected, and his Vulcan and human sides, as well as many others, battle between love and loss.
7.Saavikam's ST Shuffle Meme: Saavik
A fanfic challenge to put your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs, then write 10 vignettes for those songs.
Sandra Moosman's Saavik: Statement of Truth
A poem of Saavik's thoughts on herself
originally published in Katra II
Sands of Vulcan's Return to Hellguard
Rock Monster revisited. Kerry loves Hasmonak so this is for her.
Sandy Adams' The One
Takes place in ST:IV while Saavik looks at the Bird of Prey leaving for Earth. At the bottom of the story is a review form; please take a minute and let the writer know if you liked the story. Beg for a sequel.
Spockoid's Tea and Mops
A Spock\Saavik first love story. V. romantic. Note: Chapter 2 rated adult.
Stacey's And To All A Good Night
Inspired by a moment in "The Race of Cain", a case of mistaken identity leads to a new experience for Saavik.
Stacey's Fireflies
A peaceful evening stirs old memories.
Sue Wilson's Aftermath
Saavik holds vigil after Spock's fal tor pan, and thoughts of Genesis brings back a memory from years ago.
First published in the fanzine, "Masiform D #15", in May 1986
T'Anna Kirk's poem Saavik Mourns
Saavik's thoughts on losing one so close to her.
Tanya L. Chang's poem Saavik
Okay, it's not a story but it is a good poem if for nothing more than the last two lines.
Tweede-Kans's story Momentary Respite
Set during the final chapters of Vulcan's Heart, Spock and Saavik, in a moment's regained sanity from pon-farr, have a simple, surprisingly crucial conversation.
Thespia's poem Never Parted
Another good poem. Thespia, a big Cats fan, wrote this after thinking of Spock and Saavik's wedding vows in "Vulcan's Heart" as well as some lines from "Cats".
Thespia's poem Saavik, Daughter of Vulcan
A poem about her trying to control the Fires of Pon Farr in "Vulcan's Heart" by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz.
Venja's Next Time, Take the Stairs
Response to this Challenge: Spock and Saavik trapped in a lift before they **realize** their feelings for each other are reciprocated...oh and there has to be elevator music playing....
Virginia Boehm Worthen's Mission of Honor
Takes place after ST:VI where Kirk and crew gather together for one last mission. Saavik joins them as the easy mission to transport dignitaries to the signing of the Klingon peace treaty is threatened by an old enemy.
Wes' Reflections and Refractions
During a rescue mission, there is an accident.
Wes' Water
Saavik reflects on Earth

Saavik and Spock/Saavik (S/Saa) Fanzines

Saavik has been in a number of good stories in fanzines. We'll be posting a list of them. Here's some of our favorites.

Hellguard Social Register #4Hellguard Social Register
Saavik had her own fanzine. Quite a few of the stories from Issue 1 are now online. But the other issues currently aren't. Issue 3 was actually a full length novel about a Romulan character. If you're interested in purchasing Issues 2 and 4 (pictured left), you can do so from this site. Simply click on the link at the bottom of the page. I've has used this service and they were completely reliable. The zines were brand new although they also sell previously owned zines if you'd like to check their other pages.
Where Do We Go From Here by Carole L. Miller (Phoenix Press)
A post ST III story written before ST:IV. Kirk falls ill after the stresses of rescuing Spock and losing his son. Spock's struggles after fal tor pan are made worse when he enters pon farr, unknown to Saavik who also struggles but with unearthed feelings for him and what her place is now in his life. This excellent novel length fanzine features wonderful characterizations for everyone in the Enterprise crew and Sarek & Amanda.
In Relation to Saavik by Patricia Thompson
Three short stories, each giving a different scenario on Saavik meeting a Romulan sibling. Each of the stories shares a common viewpoint of Hellguard: that the Vulcan parent is killed right after the hybrid is born, and that the Romulan parent often has more than one hybrid child. Written after ST II with the idea that Spock would be resurrected and Saavik would continue to serve on Enterprise. Two of the stories show Spock alive and well, the third story takes place BEFORE ST III as Kirk, Saavik, and the others live in the aftermath of Spock dying.
Children of the Lost
Full length novellette featuring Saavik's rescue off of Hellguard. The story provides quite a few twists, such as Hellguard being discovered by a border ship that first tries to rescue the children to no avail. Second, the story from that point on features Spock's POV with Saavik not appearing until half way through. But once they meet, the author provides delightful and interesting looks into Saavik's character and the society the hybrids have created on their own.
Features the Saavik story The Garden reprinted above and the poem A Matter of Trust.

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