A Mother’s Understanding
By: Lisa AKA FireStar
October 04, 2006

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Summary: Pride in Accomplishments makes certain Vulcan's acknowledge
their feelings. Amanda gains insight to her mates logic.

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A Mother's Understanding

Amanda Grayson watched with avid curiosity as he husband of over
forty years observed the pomp and ceremony of a human graduation.
She wondered how it was that they had come to this place at this
time and moreover she wanted to understand why now? What was the
logic in this sudden approval of Starfleet?

Sarek had disowned their only son Spock for entering this very same
academy and they had spent the next eighteen years estranged
because of his choice. Yet ,here Sarek stood watching an other
graduate with the pride a father might show. A pride he should have
had for his son. Amanda watched as Saavik her beloved Son's metee
crossed the stage to accept her diploma. The young woman was a
favorite of Amanda's and she had come to consider the young woman
almost as her daughter. At one point Amanda had even considered
adopting this wild child. Sarek however had been adamant in his

"No my wife we will not adopt Saavik! I refuse to consider it. You
may offer the child the comfort of our home and our support but she
will not become our legal daughter in this way." Amanda had wanted
to argue but the firm look on her husband's face warned it would be
a wasted effort.

"My wife Spock is fond of this child. I would not have him thinking
I seek to interfere in his raising of it. He has chosen this
Halfling as his protégée and I refuse to interfere."

Amanda had backed down believing at the time Sarek had meant well
even if she did not agree. She had assumed Sarek had not wanted to
make the situation between he and Spock any more strained. Amanda
had said not more on the subject. As always her husband ruled their
lives and she wondered if even then he had been thinking of this

Amanda watched as her beloved son's eyes never left the girl. Over
the years she had watched Saavik follow Spock around like a puppy
and she knew he had let this scared child in. Spock was in many ways
the ultimate Vulcan. The years of estrangement from his father and
home world had made him a strong individual. Spock had become on his
own merit as much of a legend as Sarek. Amanda also knew that Spock
let very few into his heart and soul. She knew that because of the
estrangement Starfleet and the Crew of the Enterprise had become his
surrogate family. This had hurt both Amanda and Sarek but it was the
price she paid to be with her beloved husband. Amanda might have
resented this pain had she not known one thing. Amanda knew deep in
her soul that Sarek was very proud of their son, if frustrated at
their continued estrangement. She sighed and wondered once more why
Sarek looked so pleased and satisfied?

Why show pride in this child when he had rejected his own?

Then she looked back and noticed the way Saavik looked at Spock for
an instant. She felt the pieces fall into place. Of course it all
made sense now. How could she have missed the most obvious thing?
She wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Her husband and son
had finally found something to agree on or rather someone.
Saavik was perfect for Spock. She had risen by her own merit and was
a strong woman. Her loyalty was unquestionable and she was as a well
forged blade. Of course Sarek would approve. If Saavik was around
Spock would always be safe and Secure. That had been the reason for
Sarek's refusal to accept Spock's career choice the danger he had
placed himself in. Spock was the last in his line and Sarek had
sought the continuation of the House of Surak because it was Vulcan.
It had been fear that had made Sarek so intractable and pride that
had refused to allow Spock to bend either. Spock refused the
constraints placed upon the heir and sought his own destiny. Amanda
had been torn between her love for Sarek and her love for Spock
unable to bridge the gap and unwilling to risk losing either.

In the last years they had found some common ground and this child
had oddly been the key. Ironic when Amanda recalled how opposed
Sarek had once been to taking the hybrid children back to Vulcan.
Sarek had know that the children of Hellguard would be a challenge
to his world. In the end Spock's logic had prevailed and the
children had been fostered. Spock had remained in contact with all
the children but this Saavik was special. Amanda had been drawn to
the child at once. There was a savagery and nobility to this child
that was most impressive to see. Of course the child's defiance of
Sarek for chastising Spock had one her place in Amanda's heart at
once. She still smiled at that memory.

Flashback Vulcan 10 years earlier-

Sarek looked away and at his wife. He recalled the fears. "Will you
adopt the child then?"

"If I was married I would. A child needs two parents." Spock said He
stood his ground anger barely contained. His rage showed in his

"Spock you can not do this." Sarek had faced off with his son his
voice loud and commanding. "It would not be the best for the child.
How can you raise her when you are away in space?"

Saavik running up and kicking Sarek in the leg. "No yell at Spock."

Amanda had walked to Sarek to calm him down .She had been shocked
to see the child fly at her mate. Sarek had been taken aback by the
attack and been forced away from their son. The child had stood
between them glaring angrily and then Amanda had froze as a blade

"No hurt Spock. Shut your mouth." This followed by an almost feral
growl. "My Spock …guard him from you! You no hurt anymore!"

Amanda had been pleased to see the child defend her son but afraid
at the knife. She remembered Spock's reaction. Her son had been so
gentle and caring.

"Saavik no." Spock had caught the child before she could inflict
more damage. He held the shaking child to him. "Sarek only fears for
your well being."

Saavik had glared at them her body between them and Sock. "He
hurt….You hurt inside."

Amanda recalled the stunned look on Sarek's face and then the look
of admiration.

"She is very protective of you my son."

"Indeed." Was all Spock had said The look of wonder that this child
was so much his. That Saavik cared for his well being and was
willing to defend him with deadly force.

Amanda remembered the look and then the latter conversation. Saavik
had won Sarek's respect that day for not only herself but for Spock
as well. It was as if her husband finally saw the man her son had
become. A man even a wild child would defend.

Amanda had no illusions then or now when it came to Saavik she would
defend Spock to the death. Then again Amanda understood that feeling
all to well herself. Had she not always protected Sarek even at the
cost of her son. She sighed and wondered why Vulcan males were so
demanding of their mates. Forty years latter she was still uncertain
to this reason but only knew she loved Sarek more then her own life.

Now ten years latter she watched as Sarek seemed to be planning
something. She sighed as she saw opened her mind to his. What she
saw should have shocked her, instead it pleased her. He had not
rejected Saavik as she had believed no… instead he had seen what her
future role in his house would be. A daughter by marriage. Her mate
was indeed a patient male. She remembered his promise not to force
Spock after his last bonding. She moved to his side.

She remembered his words.

"…..she will not become our legal daughter in this way."

Yes ,Sarek had decided even then that Saavik was to belong to their
son. He had chosen to allow Spock to mold Saavik into his perfect
mate while he never even realized he had been doing that. Saavik had
been welcomed in their home to learn her place and role even as he
denied making her place legal. No he had wanted Saavik as a bond-
mate for his son so she could not become his sister / daughter by

Spock was pleased with his father's look of pride and wondered how
different it might have been if Sarek could have bent for him?

"Saavik you do your mentor and Vulcan proud. I could not be more
pleased if you were my own daughter."

"I am honored sir." Came the shy and low but polite answer. Saavik
looked down as she recalled their first meeting. She was not ashamed
of protecting Spock but she should not have attacked Sarek.

Spock nodded to his family. His Pride at Saavik's achievements very
much in evidence.

Sarek looked at Spock thinking. {I am proud of them both. If only
they would unite and make our house strong and viable again. }

Amanda took her mates fingers and smiled. Sometimes the great
diplomat was not so subtle. Sometimes she had to even agree he was

Sarek resolved to assist them after all it was only logical that
both his pride and his joy be one house and one person a family.

"Saavik be perfect for Spock." Amanda said She removed her
restrictions on his interference.

"I concur and so it shall be." Sarek said smiling down at his
beloved wife.

Amanda watched as her two Vulcan's showed more emotion then she had
seen in over forty years. She smiled broadly and looked at the
object of this emotion standing between them as a bridge. Amanda
then knew even if she had not loved Saavik before she did now. She
was her daughter in all but name. Smiling she walked to her family
and knew deep in her soul it really was only a matter of time until
that to became a reality. One just had to be patient with Vulcan's
and love them no matter how stubborn they could be.