Title: "C" is for Chess

Author: Jenny

Rating: PG

Characters: S/Saa (Spock and Saavik), McCoy

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Beta: None... way too short to bother anyone with... 

Archive: Sure... I love to see my name in lights!


From the door of the study in the home of Spock of Vulcan, an elderly human watched with obvious interest the occupants of the room. Before the glow of the natural stone fireplace, two lean dark figures sat on opposing sides of small marble topped table.

Before them, an antique chess set displayed what had obviously been a long game. In fact the game had been in progress for almost five years now. Played out only during the participants shared leaves, the game had begun at almost the same time as their marriage. As the silent observer watched, the taller of the two moved a piece and sat back in apparent satisfaction. Across the board, his opponent glared at the ivory statuettes.

"Saavik, glaring will not resolve the situation that you are in. I will have you in check in approximately three moves. There is no escape for your queen." Spock spoke so softly, the observer had to strain to hear his words.

Despite his admonitions, Saavik continued to glare at the offending board. She laid one slim hand on the cool marble surface and began to tap short, well kept nails in rhythmic tandem fashion. "Spock, I must protest. Your last three moves were not logical. You did not know for certain that I would behave as you suspected."

Leaning forward, Spock rested his own hand atop the table alongside hers. His movement cast his face into sharp relief, the flames from the fire dancing over his features, illuminating his eyes in an almost unholy way. "I know you quite well, T’hyla. We have played chess many times. You almost always employ the particular gambit that allowed me to out maneuver you. Are you prepared to forfeit now?"

From the door, their eavesdropper stood motionless, unashamedly spying, eager to hear more of their exchange. He had been a guest in their home many times over the years and knew them both as well as any human could. He knew that he could enter the room and be welcomed into their company warmly and eagerly. Yet, he did not. He had watched this couple from afar for years and was not about to stop now.

Saavik glared one final time at the board in front of her and then leaned ever closer to her companion. Slyly, she slid her hand closer to his, brushing the backs of her fingers against his.

Spock swallowed, almost imperceptibly, but it did not go unnoticed to his wife or their observer. With her gentle touch, his mate had opened the bond between them, attacking his senses with the warmth and desire she felt. Brushing their fingers together once more, Saavik nodded her head at the board, "If I forfeit this game, with what other activity do you propose we occupy our time?"

Capturing her fingers firmly in his own, Spock halted the distracting movement, only to find that, of course, the more complete touch allowed their bond full rein. Ruefully recognizing that he himself had been out maneuvered more quickly and efficiently than his own earlier tactics, he smiled the slight secret smile he s hared only with her. "I have no doubt that we will find something suitable, my wife. No doubt at all."

As the couple began to stand, their observer ducked quickly out of sight. He chuckled to himself and moved as quietly as possible back to his own rooms. It wasn’t easy. After all, his bones weren’t as young and agile as they once had been!


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