Doctor Visit

Author: Jenny


Series: TOS

Rating: G

Character Code: Saa,S

Summary: Saavik's first visit to a doctor

Disclaimer: Star Trek is copyrighted by Paramount/Viacom. I do not own any of their characters. Characters are from "The Pandora Principle" by Carolyn Clowes

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The small girl stalked the narrow confines of her quarters. She stopped occasionally and glared at the door to the adjoining cabin. Hissing her frustration and rage, she stormed to the bed and threw herself rather violently on the hard surface. Kicking the wall behind her held a certain appeal but as repeated efforts had shown her that it would have no effect on her current situation, she held the urge in check.

In the last twenty four hours, she had kicked, hit, punched, ripped and scratched every thing that had been available to her. Spock, with his face set and his voice firm had said this morning, "Saavik, you need to be checked for common childhood illnesses, you need to be vaccinated and you need to have a thorough dental exam. You will be going to see Healer Solak today. I will return to your cabin at 1100 hours to escort you to the proper area." His tone had brooked no argument, but that hadn't stopped the small girl from hurling the last breakable, a small incense holder, at the door as it closed at his back.

With a satisfying crash, the simple ceramic pot shattered on the door and the pieces rained down on the neutral brown carpeting. She had hurried to the door and stomped on the shards, grinding them into the floor until only a fine powder was left. Since then, her rage had not abated, but she had come to the conclusion that there was no escape this time. Despite all her protests, in five minutes, she was going to sickbay.

As if in accordance with her thoughts, the door chimed and slid open to reveal Spock's tall form in the corridor. His face was placid and his eyes mild, but she noticed immediately that he stepped widely over the thresh hold, as if to avoid stepping on the evidence of her last display of temper. Yet he said nothing.

Flushing in shame, a very new and very uncomfortable state for her, Saavik moved from the bunk. Saavik walked past Spock and proceeded into the corridor. She remained silent, just as he did, mostly because she was to angry to even attempt coherent thought.

Her mind raced as they neared the turbo lift. 'Spock say... do this... go there... no fights.. no eats like... see stupid healer...'

Her language skills were not developing as fast as Spock seemed to expect. Mostly because Saavik was determined to resist all the changes that were being thrust upon her.

In her world, she had been all powerful. She had been the one all the others were fearful of. She had been strong and mean and in control.

Here on the Symmetry, she was none of those things. The children had not lost their fear of her, no, she was sure of that. But with all the stupid quiet ones watching, she had no chance to exert her control. She had no real reason to use her skills... she had no real reason.

Walking into the turbo lift, Saavik sidled to the rear wall and leaned against it nonchalantly. Her arms crossed over the front of her clean jumpsuit and she pulled a defiant face. She swallowed hard when the lift whirred and started to move.

The lift moved fast and no matter how many times Saavik told herself that she wasn't scared, she was still grateful when the lift stopped and more people entered. She didn't like the extra crew, but their added presence forced Spock to move closer and she drew a deep breath and some comfort from his presence.

The fear of the turbo lift was yet another weakness in a multitude that she had found in the last days. She had not enjoyed the self discovery. Her discomfort in the presence of more than one person, her inability to speak to anyone other than Spock and this fear of the turbo lift only made her angrier.

The lift stopped and when the crowd cleared, Saavik saw that they were at their destination. Swallowing hard, she straightened and moved to the door behind Spock.

The sight of the sickbay, along with the pervading scent of antiseptic sent a rush of new panic coursing through her.

As she recalled the corridor behind her, her fight or flight mechanism kicked in and flight won. She swiveled on her feet and barreled down the corridor.

She had gotten as far as the nearest corner, when Spock's voice reached her ears.

Quiet and calm, he never had raised his voice to her, the voice that had drew her from the deserts of Hellguard stopped her in her tracks.

Looking down at her feet, knowing that he wouldn't chase her, that she could get away, she turned to face him anyway.


"Saavik. The sick bay is this way."

Gulping, she looked over her shoulder, her escape clear.

Spock's voice called again. "Saavik, we will be late."

Sighing, she trudged back to the voice that had called her before and headed into the sickbay. The doors opened and Saavik blinked in the glare of the overhead lights.

Computer consoles covered the tables and low tables were spaced out with screens ready to be pulled around to ensure each person's privacy. Spock walked to the nearest bench and indicated that she should sit.

Clambering up to the exam table, Saavik looked around her with more than a little apprehension. Various screen rolled numbers and formulas in never ending cycles until Saavik felt herself grow dizzy from trying to follow them. Shaking her head, she moved her gaze to yet another wall, this one full of shelves and equipment.

Some of them were silver and shiny and reminded her of the weapons that the guards had carried on the planet's surface. She wondered briefly if that one of the third shelf was as sharp as it looked. She thought that she could reach it if she stretched and gauged the distance from her spot to the shelf to the doors. She was so engrossed in planning her escape that she didn't notice the entrance of Salok, the ships Healer.

"Greetings, Spock. Which one did you bring to me today?" Salok approached slowly and observed them without touching even the table she was perched on.

She sized up the Healer and wondered at the expression in his eyes. Most of the quiet ones had a nearly blank look, especially when faced with one of the children on board. His look was more. It was almost like that of the children when they looked at her.

She wasn't sure what to make of this. The other children were afraid of her. This was a gown one, a quiet one. They were not afraid.

Spock was never afraid.

Looking up at Spock, she drew her eyebrows together in concentration and finally lost all thoughts of escape.

She would stay for Spock. Not for the Healer.

"Saavik, this is Healer Salok. He will examine you now."

Saavik watched as his hands moved to the small tricorder on the table. When he took a step closer and reached for her arm, she swallowed hard on the panic, but lost that battle.

She pulled away and glared at the Healer. She would stay, but she didn't have to make it easy.

"No touch!"

Healer Salok merely looked at her blandly. "Saavik. I must touch you in order to determine if you are in good health. Please sit still."

He reached out again, and actually brushed her skin with his fingertips before she bolted up right and gnashed her teeth at him.

Snatching his hand back quickly, Salok sighed and nodded, "Very well, Saavik, we will start with your teeth. Can you show them to me again?"

Puzzled, Saavik glared at the Healer. "shows you teeth?"

Her mouth clamped down hard and she shook her head.

"Saavik, you do realize that the longer you refuse to cooperate, the longer that we will sit here?"

Saavik turned her glare to Spock. "Co-op-er-ates? Co-op-er-ates... go cabin..?" She weighed the situation and made her demand.

"Cooperates and yougo back cabin too! Tells story... stars... see stars... my stars."

"Very well. We will go to the observation deck as well." Spock looked pointedly at healer Salok. "Now, show him your teeth."

The feral grin did indeed show her teeth.