Subject: Family Tree Finished Version by FireStar
Author: FireStar
Disclaimer: Star Trek in all its forms belongs to the corporations and others. No profit will be made by this fan fiction by others or me. It may not be bought or sold. This is just for our enjoyment and to tie up loose ends that drove me crazy. AU as it indirectly connects to Return to Carbon Creek.
Summary: Saavik gets a homework assignment she cannot complete.
Rating : PG to PG13, rated chapter by chapter
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 Part 1- (Doing a Runner ) PG

Saavik listened to the instructor explain the class assignment and went cold inside. How could she possibly complete such a task?

She grabbed the paper and stuffed it into her book bag.

The bell rang and she rose and quickly left the classroom.

Saavik went out onto the area that they humans called a playground. All she wanted to do was get away before she lost control. She ran as quickly as she could to her favorite place. There was a large tree with low hanging branches and she caught the bottom ones and swung herself up. At 11 years old she was still small and limber.

With practiced skill she climbed quickly to the upper branches and swung over to the top of the old storage building. Saavik quickly pushed open a small window and climbed inside. Here she had made a small bed and had several personal items. This was her safe place inaccessible to the other children and high enough above the grounds that she could see all the approaches except the main door. A door she had blocked with an old chair. No one could reach her without her becoming aware of their presence. Being aware at all times was a lesson from her homeworld one that had saved her life many times.

Saavik set her books down and sat on her bed. In the classroom she had managed to contain her emotions to show no pain or fear. As she sat down, she wondered how she was going to do this assignment.

Saavik read the instructions. Please prepare a family tree. The paper she held had a picture of a large tree not unlike the one she had just climbed.

Saavik began to weep softly as she curled into a small ball. She had no family, no one to claim her. Saavik was an orphan and worse yet a hybrid. She was half Vulcan and Half Romulan. She did not even know her parent's names or which had been Vulcan. This was her most guarded Secret. All the school authorities knew was that she was the Ward of Commander Spock of Vulcan. She knew most of her instructors assumed she was the daughter of a lost acquaintance. Saavik's emotions overcame her and she began to weep for all she could not admit to. She soon cried herself to sleep. How could she admit that she had been rejected by Vulcan and by Spock's own father? Sarek the most powerful and influential of all Vulcans? The Vulcan whose advice helped T' Pau rule his world with a word and held the quadrant by sheer logic.

------------ --------- --------- --------- ------

Commander Spock of Vulcan had been stationed on Earth for the last six months. He had accepted this assignment so that his ward Saavik could be treated by his old shipmate Dr. Leonard McCoy. For some strange reason Saavik did not fight the human doctor. She was still recovering from her time on Hell Guard and Spock wanted her to get the care she needed. While he would never admit it to the good Doctor, he knew Dr. McCoy was a very skilled physician. His skill in Physiology was the best in Star Fleet. Saavik was a very emotional being and who better to treat her then the one human he knew who never bothered to control his own emotions? Saavik had been receiving treatment to correct her deficiencies for the last few months along with attending the Embassy school. Spock hoped this experience would help with her general socialization. Spock also knew that the mostly human students would not react badly to Saavik's failure in emotional control. He hoped that her keen intelligence would blossom in this less competitive human school situation.

"Hey, Spock what has your garters in a twist?" McCoy asked.

"I have just received a transmission from Saavik's school. " He sighed. " It appears she has ran off."

"What? How long has she been missing? Why have we not heard sooner?" McCoy demanded.

"I think they believed she was simply… tardy and playing hooky?" Spock said, clearly not understanding such a concept.

"Saavik?" Dr. McCoy said incredulously. "That girl is as fanatic about being on time as you are!"

"Indeed that is one concept she has adapted to." Spock said "Come we must retrieve her." He grabbed his jacket and pulled it on. He strode out the door not even waiting to see if his long time tormentor/ friend would join him.

Part Two (Reasons to Run)PG-13

Spock and McCoy arrived at the school in good time. The instructor a Mrs. Farnsworth was now frantic.

"I tell you, Principal Skinner, that child is impossible."

Spock heard this and stiffened.

‘Oh boy’, thought McCoy, ‘that was a mistake.’ One thing McCoy knew above all else was that small girl was vitally important to Spock. McCoy had known Spock for several years and though he would never admit it to the Vulcan, he considered him a close friend. ‘Lady insulting Saavik is the worst mistake you could have made next to losing her.’ A loyal friend who did not show outward affection or gentleness to anyone. Saavik however had always been the exception.

McCoy recalled the first time he had seen Saavik.

Flashback one year earlier.

"Come Saavikam we are meeting Dr. McCoy."

"NO GO!! No more Shots!" The small girl had shouted. "Doctors bad!"

McCoy had been stunned to see Spock with a child and more stunned to learn that he was calling the child by such an endearment. What shocked him more was seeing his shipmate kneel down to the child and gather her into his arms in a warm embrace. The child was shaking with terror and Spock had simply held her calming her with his soft words and touch. McCoy had been stunned to see Spock touch Saavik and initiate a mind meld and to see the small one reach up to join him. Whatever he showed Saavik seemed to work as she calmed and took his hand and allowed him to bring her into the sick bay. He had been able to examine the girl and he had even managed to get a shy smile. Now, Saavik was no longer afraid of him or being examined at least not if he was the doctor. Leonard McCoy could almost feel sorry for the woman almost because she had allowed Saavik to run off.

Spock Moved forward his face showing no expression but his body motions were stiff and formal ‘Oh boy Spock is pissed.’ McCoy thought.

"Principal Skinner I am here to pickup my ward, Saavik," he said.

The fact that he had not offered the traditional Vulcan salute was a further indication that he was angry.

Principle Skinner turned and raised his hand "Live long and Prosper Commander Spock."

Spock recovered and raised his own hand. "Peace and Long life. Now, where is my ward?"

Skinner flinched as if struck and Mrs. Farnsworth huffed. "She ran away during recess. In fact she ran out almost before the bell had rang."

"Why was that?" Dr. McCoy asked.

"How should I know? I had just handed out the assignment. We are studying genealogy and all of my students are going to design a Family tree. It is not even that demanding I have only asked the students to go back four generations. "

Spock looked shocked. McCoy froze ‘Well at least we know what made her do that runner.’

Spock gaze locked onto Mrs. Farnsworth. "You know of course that Saavik is an orphan?"

"So… What has that to do with anything? I mean all she has to do is put in her parents names and other relative data." Mrs. Farnsworth said "Surely it cannot be that difficult. Why Suzy Harris was adopted and she has asked to do both her birth and adopted families. I cannot see a Vulcan being emotional about this? I mean it should be simple for Saavik everyone knows Vulcan's are obsessive about family history."

Spock stiffened. His gaze was icy and he turned away and took a deep breath. ‘Are you really so insensitive to another’s needs?’ He thought. He looked at McCoy who was now glaring himself.

"Come, Doctor, we must find Saavik I am certain this assignment is the reason she chose to run away." Spock said

"Why would she do that?" Mrs. Farnsworth asked

McCoy felt his temper flare and he spun around. "Because Saavik does not know who her family is. You just made that poor child feel alone and isolated, you twit! Come on Spock let's find our girl. Lord, I cannot believe that woman is a teacher!"

Part III (Finding A Way IN)PG-13

If looks could kill. McCoy thought. He followed Spock out to the play ground area. "Spock do you have any idea where she would have run off to?"

"Logically she will have found a place she feels safe and secure at. It will be a place that will allow her the maximum range of sight and it will not be easily accessible to others." Spock replied.

"It sounds like she built a bolt hole."

"Indeed, Doctor, she has done so often. Saavik sense of survival is very great. In order to ensure her safety she will have created such a place. " Spock began to look around.

"What are we looking for?" McCoy asked.

"A place with a clear view of this courtyard and all of its access points. There, that building." Spock said to point it out.

"Spock, that is just and old storage building," The doctor said. "The door even looks locked."

"The doors likely are doctor but look above us. That small window is open. If you will note there are small foot prints on the roof and hand prints on the window."

McCoy followed his friends gaze. "Spock that is over two stories above us. Actually closer to three. How would she get in there.?"

Spock noted the tree. He did not bother to answer because he had remembered Saavik’s Bolt hole on Hell Guard this one was far easier to get to. He went over to it and began to climb. "I believe you should remain down here until I can open the door." He climbed up and jumped across to the lower window. He pushed it open and climbed in.

"Damn it Spock you are Vulcan not a monkey!" McCoy shouted. ‘Jim is never going to believe this one.’

Spock opened the door for his friend and both climbed the stairs to the tower room.

Spock's keen hearing heard the soft cries of his ward. The sounds were almost animalistic and he could feel her pain. He moved to the door of her sanctuary.

"Saavikam please open the door. "

"No go way me alone. No one wants me." Her words were guttural showing none of the lessons she had learned so painfully. Her emotions were all close to the surface and even through the door Spock could feel her agony.

"Saavikam that statement lacks logic as I and Dr. McCoy are here. Clearly you are not alone and clearly you war of value to us. Now open this door please."

Saavik listened to Spock's clam logical voice. He did have a point if only a small one. So she rose and opened the door to the tower.

Spock had to duck to enter the room. It was very small more of an attic space. The room itself was compact and it had just enough space for the three of them. Saavik carried a pillow over for him to sit on and laid an other out for McCoy.

"I have no water to offer you." She said formally.

Spock's brow quirked upward as it became clear that Saavik considered this little space her home. "I arrive unexpected Saavik. I am not offended."

Saavik nodded and McCoy was surprised that the child had so quickly managed to regain her center and control.

"What troubles thee?" Spock asked.

Saavik's lip quivered and McCoy noted she was in control but barely. She said nothing but handed Spock the assignment. Then she bowed her head. " I am no one. nothing. I am just a rotten hybrid experiment that failed."

Spock shocked his ward and his friend because he pulled the child into his lap. His fingers tilted her face to his. "You are Saavik of Vulcan. You are a precious child. I will not lie and say your birth was without pain or price, but you matter to me. You are the one being in all of the Universe who accepts me totally. You are my family Saavikam. If you must fill out this paper then you will accept me as your family. My line shall be yours. My mother already considers you her daughter."

Saavik was stunned and she blushed green and bowed her head. How could one so important value her?

McCoy not to be out done smiled and said. " You know Saavik you can claim me as a Dutch uncle er… godfather. While I do not have the illustrious family lines of Mr. Spock here ,I would be honored to have you as my niece. Hell I would adopt you if I thought Spock let you go."

"Hardly doctor. I shudder at how you would raise a Vulcan child." His eyes contained amusement and McCoy huffed but knew he was being teased.

"You would have me claim to be of Ambassador Sarek's house? Your line Spock... it is part of T’Pau's and it is Surak's"

McCoy eyes grew wide at this little piece of information and an other piece of the puzzle that was Spock fell into place.

"I would be honored to call you family Saavikam. Now, dry your tears and we will return to the classroom."

"How can I explain my behavior?" Saavik asked. She now looked ashamed for running away.

McCoy smiled as he had a wicked thought. A way to put that arrogant teacher and principle into their place. "Aw darlin that is simple. We will simply say you did not wish to boast about your illustrious family. After all everyone knows Vulcan's are modest."

Both Saavik and Spock looked at him. Spock almost smiled and Saavik did.

‘Well I be a monkey's uncle. They look good together.’ McCoy suddenly had a funny feeling. ‘She is only 11 and already she has him wrapped around her little finger. Poor Spock. In 10 years she will own him heart and soul. I can see why Amanda wants her as a daughter. She adores him.’ . It suddenly dawned on McCoy why Sarek had refused to allow Spock to Adopt Saavik and why he had not indulged his wife. Why that old schemer. He plans to let Spock raise Saavik and in doing so create his own perfect mate. Leonard McCoy could not believe that even Sarek would do such a thing. He knew that Sarek had promised not to force an other boding after the fiasco with T’Pring..... But ,this was just crazy. McCoy smiled because he thought it might just work. He forced the thought from his mind lest the recipient of this plan catch wind of it. ‘Oh Spock your father is indeed a master manipulator. It is a good thing he is one our side or we be under Romulan or Klingon control by now.’

"A very logical suggestion Doctor. Come now we must get you back. You will of course apologize for causing your instructors worry."

"Yes sir." Saavik said "Will you help me fill this in first." She reached for the crumpled tearstained paper.

"Of course we will Darlin." McCoy said removing a pen from his pocket and handing it to Spock.

Clearly this child had found a way into his friends heart and soul. ‘Poor Spock he was a goner.’ McCoy smiled suddenly feeling very pleased as Saavik and Spock let him into their lives and hearts and as both claimed him as family. ‘ I hope I am alive to see the wedding.’

Part IV ( Family Ties) G

Saavik walked back with Spock and Dr. McCoy. She felt very safe now. She had never considered claiming Spock as her family. Not after her confrontation with Sarek a year ago. Then again maybe she had misunderstood his motives? To be a part of so distinguished clan was indeed a high honor.

The entered the classroom and the room became quite as Saavik carried her paper to the teacher.

"Mrs. Farnsworth I apologize for my emotional display. My Guardian and God father have assisted me in completing my work. " She handed the Family tree over.

Reading it the Mrs. Farnsworth was dumbstruck for a moment. While she did not claim to know a lot about Vulcan society everyone in the Federation Knew Surak was the founder of Vulcan civilization. She looked up and suddenly realized that this Commander Spock was the equivalent to a Royal prince. He was the direct descendant of the founder of Vulcan society and he was claiming this nameless child as a part of his clan.

"I see thank you. I had no idea you had such illustrious family." She read on and looked at the God Father family tree. While it was not royal several McCoy's had been leaders in the Medical field for generations. That was not even including Spock's own parents. Who did not know of Sarek of Vulcan and Amanda Grayson of Earth? The Graysons were still one of the most powerful families on Earth and withing the Federation Vulcan husband aside. She was suddenly very concerned that she had caused this child distress.

‘Good you should be worried.’ McCoy thought. ‘Too bad I can not tell you this child's future.’ He grinned He suddenly got a flash of Saavik with Spock carrying a small bundle clearly a small child. ‘Yes, Saavik has a right to this family line as it will be hers soon’

Spock looked at McCoy and wondered what he was finding so amusing? Surely he remembered Amanda was human?

"Saavik just did not want to boast." McCoy lied smoothly knowing neither of his friends would.

Both of their brows rose but neither corrected his assertion.

"Well I think this is well done. Saavik you may resume your seat."

"I will be observing this class." Spock said "Of course sir."Mrs. Farnsworth said not even thinking of protesting. She had a strange feeling her job might depend on how well Saavik did in the afternoon.

McCoy grinned and thought, ‘It pays to have important Family connections.’ He glanced up at the schools Name. Mestral Grayson Elementary school. This place had been named for John Grayson's Great- great Grandfather who helped develop early space flight.

Saavik noted Dr. McCoy's Sudden smile. She followed his gaze and looked back at her Family Tree. The name was there. Was this man also related to Spock ? His name sounded almost Vulcan.

Fini for now ....

This is just a snippet to how friendship began and how Saavik , Spock and McCoy became so close. This story has ended but there may be more to follow.