Author: Joanna Bordelon


Series: TOS

Rating: G

Character Code: S/Saa, Perrin

Summary: When Spock and Saavik have a child who babysits? Perrin, of course. Hurray for Grandmas!

Disclaimer: Star Trek is copyrighted by Paramount/Viacom. I do not own any of their characters.

Archive: Fine, but let me know where.


The evening breeze was cool and they simultaneously pulled their cloaks closer as they walked together towards home. The colloquium at the Science Academy had been thought provoking and they talked the entire way home until they reached the gate of the townhouse in ShiKahr. Spock pressed his hand to the lock and it swung open silently. Saavik headed for the door, but Spock pulled her back.

"We could stay here for a while," he suggested.

"Yes, but...."

"Perrin is fine with her. She is probably asleep."

"What if she missed us? Just let me look at her, then I will return."

Saavik turned back for the door just as it burst open. Perrin's face was frantic. "I can't find T'ai," she said. "I put her to bed about half an hour ago, but when I went back to check, she wasn't there."

Spock ran around the back of the townhouse saying, "I'll check the back garden."

"Where have you looked?" asked Saavik as she went in the door.

"The first thing I did was check the security system, but there have been no breaches. I checked the bedrooms, bathrooms, and the living area. I was just about to check the closets." Perrin paused. "Can you sense her?"

Saavik closed her eyes and cleared her mind. Since she had been pregnant with T'ai she had sensed her. With all Vulcan parents, there was a telepathic bond that allowed them to know whether their children were well or in danger, present or absent. Saavik spoke nervously, "The bond has changed, but she is my first child. I am not sure what this change means."

"Is she nearby?" prompted Perrin.

"I think she is here," answered Saavik.

Spock heard them as he entered from the back of the house, "I have felt the change too. We will keep searching. I will get the tricorder from the study."

Spock entered the dark study and reached into the desk drawer; then he felt it, a bright awareness there under his desk. "Come out," he commanded.

A small being emerged from under the desk. In the dark, she could not see the grim look on her Father's face.

"Peek-a-boo," she said innocently.



Spock knelt down and held T'ai by the shoulders. "Do that again," he asked.

The bond was dimmed and then came back as T'ai said again, "Peek-a-boo."

"Ahhh. Saavik come here," Spock called.

Saavik rushed into the study, relief forming on her face at the sight of the child.

"Again, T'ai-kam," requested her father.

T'ai demonstrated her new talent for her mother. "What is Peek-a-boo?" asked Saavik.

"Itís a game played by Terran parents with their children to teach object permanence. I used to play it with T'ai when she was just a few days old, until Spock informed me that Vulcan children have an inborn sense of permanence. So I stopped," said Perrin from the doorway.

"It seems that our little one has found a new way to play. She is perfecting her shielding abilities well. In one so young it usually implies a high psi-rating," said Spock, letting a hint of pride in his offspring show through and leaving himself open.

"Like her father?" cajoled Saavik.

"Of course."



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