Privilege and Pain

Author: Joanna Bordelon


Series: TOS

Rating: G

Character Code: S/Saa

Summary: A poem of Spock's thoughts for he and Saavik

Disclaimer: Star Trek is copyrighted by Paramount/Viacom. I do not own any of their characters.

Archive: Fine, but let me know where.


"We have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us."
- Surak

Privilege and Pain

We want the same thing
but you can't have it all.
A place to belong that's safe from the fall
From disgrace into despair.
We want the same thing
but we won't find it here.

A place where we are
what we're meant to be.
A place unguarded
someplace that's free
from accusations and from doubt.
Let them say what they will.
We don't have to believe.
We won't feel the pain.

Child of Privilege, I've had it all.
Child of Pain, You have had none.
But we're here at last where we belong.
A place that we can call home.
In darkest night amidst streaking stars
Our selves are revealed for whom we are.

Through our differences, we are undone.
Without the other we are alone.
Let us be more, together at last
leaving behind the past and the pain.
At home at last among the stars.
Let us be more than who we are.

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