Quest II
By: Lisa AKA FireStar

Disclaimer: Gene Rodenberry and the Corporations own Star Trek and it's characters. I am just playing with them for a while to close up lose ends. I own nothing and expect no money for this work. Though Reviews would be appreciated.
Summary: Saavik's savage let's loose its grief.

Quest II Letting go of the Pain PG

Saavik walked in the garden. She had never been to Japan before and found the gardens soothing. They were perfect for meditation. She looked on as lanterns floated in the dark waters. The stars sparkled above her and she was oddly at peace. She looked over and saw Captain Sulu placing a lantern in the water. He light the small candle and stepped back. She walked over to him curious to why he was performing this ritual.

"Lt. Saavik It is good to see you." He said smiling rather sadly.

"It is agreeable to see you again sir. I did not know you would be in Hiroshima?"

"It was not planned. I had a meeting canceled at the last minute so I beamed over for the festival. It has been years since I was able to attend. " he looked away for a moment at he floating lanterns. "It seemed to be necessary."

"There is significance to this day?" Saavik asked genuinely curious now.

"Yes, We use today to remember those who have gone before. I am placing a lantern for my brother and his family. They passed away last year in a shuttle crash. It is a way to remember them and honor them. I am also lighting one for my father."

"May anyone do this? Does it have to be for a family member?" Saavik asked suddenly considering something. I can use this to let go of my grief. Oh Savage this is fitting to let go of the pain to wash it away.

"No, It can be for a friend or lost loved one." Sulu explained.

"Then I will light one," Saavik said. She took a brightly colored lantern and illogical as it was light the candle. She set it in the water and let it go. It drifted away and she was oddly at peace. Father, this is to honor you. I could not follow the Vulcan way as your Katra was lost to me. This is beauty and peace.

"May I ask who that was for?" Sulu said

She looked at him a single tear falling. "For my father." Goodbye father, may your spirit find peace.