Originally published in Hellguard Social Register 4

To Saavik From Your Romulan Parent

by Gina L. Dartt

I am one of the reasons you exist.
I am the one who allowed you to live.
Yet forever you deny my reality
In all that you do, in all that you give.
But what you don't understand,
What you attempt so hard to hide
Is that I'm responsible for what's there
Beneath that Vulcan calm, that Vulcan lie.

When a sudden reflection
Catches you and mirrors your mask,
I know you find yourself staring
and... wondering about your past.
You can't, you know, deny this
Side of you, your Romulan side,
In your body, in your veins flow my gift,
To you I gave my warrior's pride.

Yes, our people are cruel. We have to be.
And on you I admit I turned my back.
But you've always held the legacy
From me, this parent you lack.
So no matter what you claim and despite
All these protests you continue to say
There is too much a part of you
That will always be the Romulan way.

You see, from me you received
Desire, and that keen edge of hate,
All the bloodlust, the passion,
Yes, even that impatience when you wait.
Yet it's understood that without the hate
There'd be no balance, no love you could hold.
And the fury, the anger of youth?
Ah, that spices the joy when you're old!

That life without fire you seem so to wish,
Without heart's fire, without soul's passion
in no one will you find a desire,
Does cold logic hold such an attraction?
Now tell me, as you sit
And frown, brows down as you turn your head,
Will you continue to refuse to see
And hear all these things I've said?

You must understand all the struggles you've had
Is what put the core of strength inside,
Is what put the spirit behind your eyes,
Is, in truth, what makes and keeps you alive.
What is it that closes your mind,
Seeming to blind you to your destiny?
This Romulan sees in your soul,
The Commander of ships you could be.

Now I ask you these questions,
Seek inside and answer me true.
All these things you want to give up
Is that really what you want to do?
Would you give up the shine
The light that darkness balances?
Would you give back my gifts,
Not even try two side's alliance?
Would you give up your drive,
taken from this 'Bird of Prey',
All that makes you hearken
to worlds far away?
Would you give up the dreams
Where imagination sings?
Look into your heart. Tell me,
Would you, could you, give up all these things?


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