Saavik Mourns


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Gone is her soft voice,
Her gentle touch,
Gone is the gentle way she had about her,
Gone is the love she showed so rarely,
Gone is the rare laughter,
Gone is the understanding compassion of such a gentle woman,
No more will the Vulcan sun grace the face of this remarkable woman,
Her feet will never again touch the warm sands of Vulcan,
No longer will she grace the doorstep of Sarek's home,
No longer will she touch the life she gave life to,
Gone are the days of the sweet voice that sang through the day,
Gone is the understanding that came with each word she spoke,
Gone, but not forgotten is Our Lady Amanda.
For she will live on forever in our hearts and our minds,
Though she may not have a katra as Vulcans know it,
Forever she has left behind a beautiful memory,
For all to remember.
Today I pay tribute to this wonderful woman,
For she was like mother to me,
And yet she never criticized.
She taught me the benefits of keeping a journal,
Forever and always I will be forever grateful,
For now I and others may relive her memories,
For in the only way that that was unique to her,
She left behind a living history.
Today, Vulcan's may not express emotion in public,
But, what we do in the privacy of our minds and journals,
Only Vulcan's know, and so do our journals.
May the memory of Lady Amanda always remind us,
That we can live IDIC,
During a time that it was uncommon,
She and her family were the living proof that IDIC did work.
Forever my life has been changed by this remarkable woman,
Who cared enough to open her home to such an unremarkable woman.

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