Stoopid Boys

Author: Joanna Bordelon


Series: TOS

Rating: G

Character Code: Saa

Summary: Saavik's first foster family

Disclaimer: Star Trek is copyrighted by Paramount/Viacom. I do not own any of their characters. Characters are from "The Pandora Principle" by Carolyn Clowes

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Saavik enjoyed her perch high in trees of the woods near her new home on Dantria IV. Her mentor Spock had brought her there after he rescued her from her hellish childhood on the abandoned Romulan outpost Thieurrull. He had spent a year helping her become at least tolerably civilized. She missed him terribly.

At least way up in the tree, she could be alone to miss him. She would write him tonight and question his logic in having left her on this planet with these stoopid boys. He had said, "It is only three weeks, Saavik-kam. I must return to my duties in Starfleet. Someday you will be in Starfleet and you will understand. For now, you must stay with Mrs. Debooch and her family. The shuttle will arrive in three weeks to take you to your new school."

*Three Weeks! It seems more like Three Years!* thought Saavik.

*Those stoopid boys*. Saavik spotted two little gray-skinned boys about her age run from the cover of trees and into the meadow beyond. They had split up earlier to give her a better run for her money, and yet here they were emerging not two hundred yards from each other. Both of them in plain site of Saavik, high up in her tree. Had they
known her background they never would have dared her to play their "hiding and finding" game. Saavik had hunted and found for much grimmer reasons than these boys could know. She had kept her promise "not to let the bad boys out of sight". She had watched them both the whole time they were "hiding".

Saavik was "baby-sitting". Spock had told her to do whatever Mrs. Debooch asked and this morning she had asked something dreadful. "Saavik, be a good girl, and watch my bad boys, while I take baby to the Doctor." Saavik hated "baby-sitting".

Saavik smelled something on the wind. A Dantrian pastry that was Mrs. Debooch' speciality. Saavik yelled at the top of her lungs. "It is 4:56 pm. What happens when Boys are late for evening meal?"

She watched the Boys stop their run across the meadow, turn and dash toward home. 4:57 and down the tree. 4:58 and up the rock road to the Debooch house. The bare ground felt good under bare feet so tough that the pebbles in the paving had no impact on her. 4:59 in the door and to the fresher for cleaning hands. Mrs. Debooch always inspected the hands. 5:00pm at the table and no *stoopid* boys.

"Saavik, where are the Boys?" asked Mrs. Debooch, already worried that even Saavik had not been able to keep up with them.

"They are on their way. I reminded them what happens if they are late for evening meal."

5:05pm and the Boys burst into the door. They smelled of stinky sweat and their wispy hair was plastered to the sides of their heads. The oldest one looked at Saavik and began, "How did you get here so ..."

He was interrupted by his mother. "Saavik is a good girl. What happens if bad boys are late to evening meal?"

For emphasis Mrs. Debooch placed three helpings of pastry in front of Saavik.

"No dessert for late boys."

The boys glared at Saavik. Saavik had pity on them. As she ate their dessert, she felt very sorry that they were *stoopid* boys.