Title: Water

Author: Wes Adams

Rating: G

Series: TOS

Character Code: Saa, S, Am

Summery: Saavik reflects on Earth

Disclaimer: Star Trek and related characters are the trademarked property of Paramount/Viacom, Inc. Photograph that inspired this story is the property of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism.

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“One is a teacher, one a beginner, just wanting to be there, wanting to know.” -John Denver, Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights in Canada)

The sun sank below the Canadian Shield. Twilight bathed the ancient land in a purple glow. The smell of wood smoke and the forest hung in the still air. Mist rose from the sun warmed lake into the cool evening. She felt the sand and gravel move between her toes. The water gently lapped against her knees.

Saavik could hear the distant talking and laughing from the Grayson family reunion taking place a half a kilometer down the shoreline of the lake. Several of them were roasting hotdogs over the fire. Others were toasting marshmallows for s’mores, a confection composed of melted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham cracker. Sarek warned her not to eat too many. That much refined sugar had unfortunate side effects on Vulcans.

Occasionally, she would hear a mosquito buzz by her ear, but it would not land. Several of Spock’s human cousins expressed envy that the parasitic insects showed no interest in his, Sarek’s, or her green blood.

She turned her attention back to the setting sun, sinking into the lake she had waded into. The last red rays cast themselves on glass smooth surface. The chorus of the frogs filled the air. The mournful song of the loons carried across the water, the perfect accompaniment to her mood.

In a couple of weeks, she would begin her freshman year at Starfleet Academy. She had visited Earth only a few times before, and always to the major cities, which seemed no different from the major cities on Vulcan, save the cooler, wetter weather and noisier inhabitants. Hellguard had only small bodies of barely drinkable surface water. Vulcan had many small lakes and small seas; the largest was twice the size of Earth’s Mediterranean Sea.

Saavik was overwhelmed when she saw the Pacific Ocean when she went to San Francisco for her entrance exams. So much water, although undrinkable without desalination. She could not fathom that Amanda grew up seeing the Pacific’s opposite member, the Atlantic, from her childhood home in Boston. It must have been terrifying to see that sight, especially during a storm.

It was, Amanda told her, but not all water was scary. With Sarek, Spock and Saavik on Earth at the same time, Amanda insisted that they all go to the Grayson reunion in northern Ontario, where the Grayson’s had summered for generations. It had been five years since Amanda had seen her father and her brothers and sister. It had been even longer since Spock had visited his cousins. Several had children Saavik’s age now.

Never had Saavik visited a more alien world. Hellguard, and Vulcan to a lesser extent, were dry and almost devoid of life. This land was brimming with life, thriving on the sweetest water she had ever tasted. The Romulans rejected her on Hellguard and the Vulcans barely tolerated her on their world. Amanda’s nieces and nephews accepted their new “cousin” without question. Several of the young ones demanded that she play with them, telling her she was “it.”

After brief explanation of the rules from Spock, she gave him a skeptical arch of her brow. He told her that would be useful to begin to learn to deal with humans in play since she was going to be encountering them for the rest of her career in Starfleet. After Saavik brought up the ethical question of engaging in hunting behavior, Spock instructed her to think of it as a search and rescue exercise. His younger cousins never stood a chance in hiding from her.

The song of the loons carried over placid lake. Lightening bugs lit up the forest. The purples of twilight gave way to the greens of the aurora borealis. A minnow nibbled at her toe. Saavik took it all in. Had Hellguard been at all like this world, Spock would have been hard pressed to take her off world.

She turned away from the lake and waded back toward the camp. Amanda had called from the camp, knowing that Saavik’s keen hearing would pick up her voice. There were marshmallows to toast and s’mores to eat.