My thanks to Marla who gave me the inspiration to try my hand at this type of story. Hers is wonderfully funny, and I hope mine is a least a little tiny wee bit like hers.

Saavik starts, Spock, etc.

Spoiler for A.C. Crispin’s Yesterday’s Son. Zar is Zarabeth’s and Spock’s son, just to let you know.

I don’t own these characters, alas, and I make no money. *sob*

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Nighttime Wonders. By Ladyravena



Are you awake?
That is a rhetorical question, I hope.

We need to talk.

What is it that we are doing, my wife?

You were asleep.

It is late. Therefore, one normally tries to sleep.

We still need to talk.

May I know the topic, Saavik?

What did you think of me as a child?

Why do you wish to know at 03:00?

Answer the question, Spock.

You were energetic, curious-

I know that. What did you think?

I thought that you were an energetic, curious young person with sharp teeth.

I did not have sharp teeth!

Tell that to my esteemed father. He still bears the teeth marks on his wrist.

Are you saying you don’t like children?

No, my wife.

Then what are you saying?

I am not completely sure anymore.

You don’t want any, then.

I did not say that, my wife.

We should make a decision.

At 03:08?

Yes. Will your mind change in 4 hours?

My mind will be functioning in 4 hours.


Thank you.


Why do you ask, Saavik?

No reason.

You simply awoke at 03:00 to ask what I thought of children.


You lie poorly, Saavikam.

I don’t wish to talk about it. Goodnight.




Are you still awake?

Not particularly, no.

I have something to tell you.

At 03:18 in the –

I am with child.


Spock? My husband?

I am here.

What do you think?

I am here.

Spock-kam, what do you think?


You are angry, aren’t you?

No, Saavikam, not…not angry.

Then what are you?




Surprised? Why?

I… did not realize that…

That what? That I could have children?

No, th’y’la.

Then what didn’t you realize?

That I could.

What do you call Zar, hash meat?

But with Genesis, and you not bearing a child…afterwards…

I was too young. It did not even last a week.

I did not know. But now…a child…

Our child, husband.

Yes, our child.

You sound as if you like the idea.

I do believe that I am beginning to like the idea.

Excellent! Goodnight.

Goodnight? You expect me to go back-

It is late, husband. By all rights, I should be resting. Sleep well.

One of us will, my wife. One of us will.